Gift an Our Hen House membership

by ben

Give the gift of compassion by donating a flock membership to the podcast lovers in your life! In addition to sharing the joy of activism, your gift will support responsible, pro-animal, women & LGBTQ+-run, vegan media with the mission of changing the world for animals.

Check out our flock membership perks below and make a donation based on the level of your choice. Your beloved recipient will receive a special certificate via email with the messaging of your choice.

  • Chick Clique members receive exclusive weekly bonus content, flock-exclusive spaces in the Our Hen House community, and monthly invitations to join the audience for a live interview with Q&A.
  • Squawk Squad members receive all of the above Chick Clique benefits, PLUS twice-a-year invitations to exclusive networking events.
  • Hen House Heroes receive all Squawk Squad benefits, PLUS an opportunity to meet with Jasmin one-on-one to discuss animal rights & activism.
  • Barnyard Benefactors receive all of the Hen House Hero benefits, PLUS a shout-out on the podcast to you or your favorite animal rights organization or vegan business.