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Our Hen House aims to help those who want to get involved in changing the world for animals. While our primary role is to report on opportunities to make change, rather than to provide information about the realities of animal exploitation, we thought you might be interested in a brief review of the issues underlying our work.

Why Should We Care?

The greatest miracle of life on earth is consciousness. Not only is our planet filled with innumerable wonders, it is filled with an extraordinary array of ways of perceiving, understanding and experiencing those wonders. Each conscious species perceives the world in a particular way, and each individual within each of those species has his or her own particular experience – every single one is a world unto itself. It is the privilege of most humans living on earth at this moment in time that we are able to live without taking the lives of other conscious, sentient beings. Indeed, not only is there no need to exploit the other inhabitants of our planet, it is increasingly obvious that we are harming ourselves and our planet when we do so. To be vegan is not simply to adopt a more compassionate way of eating — it is to embrace the future by moving to the next chapter in humanity’s story, and to attempt to write that story in the only way that can save our incredibly fragile, beautiful world and the extraordinary web of conscious perception of which we are a part.

The Issues

Further Resources

Animal Liberation by Peter Singer

Animal Rights History

Animal Rights: An Introduction, video lecture by Tom Regan






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