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Unfortunately, the history of human interaction with wild animals has too often been one of hostility and domination rather than respect and appreciation. Instead of being seen as sentient creatures who have a right to their homes and habitats, members of many animal species are labeled as pests and are exterminated for the sake of human endeavors, no matter how trivial. Cruel traps and poisons are often used to kill these animals, measures that often miss their intended targets and hurt other animals as collateral damage.

Wildlife hunting, whether as a part of “population management” of animals who are deemed pests, for entertainment, or for “subsistence” where other types of food are readily available, also perpetuates needless animal suffering and death. If wild animals are targeted for the sake of being “exotic” or possessing some attribute seen as a commodity – the trade in elephant ivory is one example – they will often be hunted until their entire species is endangered.

Finally, broad environmental issues such as human-created global climate change – to which industrial animal agriculture is one of the largest contributors – as well as human population growth, also destroy animal habitats and, if left unchecked, will result in extinction for a huge number of animal species and a diminishment of the beauty and complexity of life on earth for all of her inhabitants who are left behind.

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